349 Lamplighter – positive with a little constructive feedback

The 349 Lamplighter location was very convenient. The property was well stocked and had everything we needed. We had a very enjoyable stay with the exception of the cleanliness of the property which left something to be desired. Upon our arrival we found bits of food on the floor in the kitchen, ironically next to the bait traps meant to eradicate roaches (of which we saw many). We were surprised to find roach traps in a “pet friendly” rental property. They presented a hazard to our dog who was drawn to the scent of them. We were fortunate to discover that he was chewing on one before it became a serious situation. The HVAC intake vent was filthy, covered in dirt and dog hair. The blinds were covered in a layer of thick dust.We were very pleased with the house and its amenities. The owner provided many items we have not typicallyfound in rental properties – TP, paper towels, dishwasher soap, etc. The pool was well maintained and provide a good deal of enjoyment. The bikes were a huge bonus!A thorough “Spring cleaning” would cause me to rate this house 5 stars in all categories.