Love the house, rental company is a little cheap

The house was everything we were expecting, no complaints there. 2 things somewhat stood out about our stay that if changed could have improved it.1) They (rental company) are cheap when it comes to certain things. Specifically, paper products. I was surprised to learn that they provide you with 1 roll of paper towel and 1 roll of tp per bathroom. This just feels cheap to me. It wasn’t exactly cheap to stay here for a week, and i expected those things as well as kleenex (there was one 1/2 full box of kleenex for the entire house) to be provided. So that was frustrating that we had to go out and buy that stuff. 2) Check out was at 10:00 Saturday morning. At 9:00 Saturday morning, I was cooking breakfast and I heard the front door unlock (no knock, no ringing of the doorbell) and in walks a lady. Turns out she’s with the cleaning service. I didn’t appreciate that at all. The door was locked, you don’t knock or ring the doorbell, you just unlock the door and walk in. I was not happy about this.Lastly, my only other complaint is that there was no guest book. Guest books at a vacation rental are very helpful and I wish ours would have had one. Had to figure out how to run the hottub ourselves as there was nothing there that told you how it worked. It’s also always nice to read about other people’s stays and see where the good places are to eat etc. Other than that, the house was great. Pool and hot tub were both in great shape and worked well (once we figured out how to turn the hot tub on). Great location, 5 minute bike ride to the beach access. Overall a very enjoyable stay, but little things could be improved.